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  • Build muscle mass
  • Increase strength
  • Improve workout goals
NutrigoLab Mass
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What do you get?

If you are looking to bulk up and increase your muscle mass, then Nutrigo Lab Mass is just what you need! It will help you grow stronger and bigger and bring your workout results on an entirely new level! It is available in two delicious new flavors as well.


How it really works?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a mix of 3 different types of protein – whey (80%), whey isolate Isolac®, and whey hydrolysate Optipep® (both 90%). This mix comes in the form of easy to prepare a shake. The effects of such a mix are augmented and include:

  • Effective growth of the muscle mass
  • Fast absorbing amino acids
  • Stores glycogen much faster
  • Muscle damage repair after heavy workouts
  • Faster reaching of preset goals
Now available in 2 different flavors!

What does it contain?

Each serving of Nutrigo Lab Mass contains:

  • 23.35 g of protein
  • 3000 mg of creatine
  • 57 g of carbs
  • 2000 mg BCAA+ I-Glutamine
  • 357 Kcal

One package contains about 30 servings!

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How do you use it?

NutrigoLab Mass Use Pour 4 cups of Nutrigo Lab Mass into the shaker
NutrigoLab Mass Use Add 200 ml of milk or water
NutrigoLab Mass Use Shake!!!
NutrigoLab Mass Use Drink twice a day, post-workout or between meals

97% of the customers are thrilled with the effects of Nutrigo Lab Mass!

Nutrigo Lab Mass turned out to be the solution for my woes! I was unable to gain the muscle mass I was after no matter what I did. Once I started using this supplement, I bulked up in a matter of weeks!
I am an amateur boxer, and I had some serious issues staying in my weight category due to intensive training for matches. Nutrigo Lab Mass solved this problem for me!
I was always skinny and a bit depressed about it, as I was unable to bulk up, no matter what I did. Then my trainer recommended I use Nutrigo Lab Mass and I managed to gain 10 pounds of pure muscle mass just like that!


What is Nutrigo Lab Mass exactly? +
Nutrigo Lab Mass is a protein food supplement created for those who wish to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently. It is stronger than many similar products because its effects are enhanced by the presence of L-glutamine, creatine, and BCAA.
When will I reach my goals? +
This depends on the goals, intensity of your workouts, routines you use, and the diet.
Is Nutrigo Lab Mass safe for my health? +
Yes, it is! There are no known side effects of using it.
How many servings does one package contain? +
Each package contains about 30 servings (100 grams each serving)
How long do I have to wait when I make a purchase? +
Your order will be delivered within 48 hours!